Basement, Foundation & Water Leak Detection Experts

Here at we are proud to be leaders of the pack when it comes to repairing basements, foundations and of course hidden water leaks – the primary cause of these problems.

If you are having rising damp, mould, mildew or indeed subsidence then we are able to attend your property to carry out a full survey using state of the art equipment.

Once the problem has been located and the extent of the damage quantified we are then able to provide a quotation for complete remedial works.

Just think of us as your one stop doctor for basements, foundations and water leaks.

We are highly trained in every aspect of our works, our team have even travelled as far as the UK to train with the UK’s Leading Leak Detection Company – ADI Leak Detection.

We no longer accept telephone enquiries, but please feel free to contact us using the form below….